Types of loans for businesses


As a business who are looking for a loan, it’s important to understand what’s available for you. Once you have an understanding of the type of loans, you’ll then be able to figure out which one will work best for your company in the longer run.

Short term loans

Short term loans mean that you will have to repay the loan within a shorter period. Usually, you will need to make a weekly or monthly repayments to be able to pay the loan in the agreed time. With this type of loan, you can only get a small amount to borrow due to the short period of the repayment.

The benefit of acquiring short term loans is that your funds will be immediately available in your bank and you’re more likely to be approved even with a bad credit check. However, there is a drawback where you will have to pay a higher interest.

Small business loans

Small business loans are available to businesses who are looking to start up their company. They are normally long term loans with a low-interest rate. This type of loan could be partially covered by the government if the borrower ended up not being able to make the repayments.

Equipment financing

When buying equipment for your business, you can borrow the equipment value. Depending on the equipment you may have to pay the amount in a short or extended period. The benefits of this are that you’re most likely to get approved quickly and there is less paperwork to be done.

Invoice financing

Invoice financing is when the lender agrees to pay for any of your outstanding invoices with a charge fee. Different companies will have different approval requirements so make sure you check them and see if you are eligible.


Save Money with Barter Exchange Websites

You may be finding it difficult to make ends meet and feel as if your money is being stretched as far as it will go. However, cash isn’t the only asset you have. For most of us, the most valuable things we have to offer are our unique skills and specialisms, which could mean so much more to other people. There is value to be extracted from a skilled person whose talents are not required in their own life, but could be priceless to someone else. But how do you turn your skills into a money saving method?

This is where some online research can really help. It’s possible to find dedicated websites where you can exchange unwanted items, goods and services online in a barter exchange system, which more closely resembles basic trading without the need for currency. Usually these online listings are all assigned a monetary value for the sake of clarity and ensuring fairness, but no money has to change hands. You’re not limited to trading physical items, and instead these sites are increasingly being used by people swapping services. Read More


How Debt Recovery Agents Can Help your Business

Managing your own debts, credit rating and so on can be tricky for some people. If you own a business, it’s probably essential for you to take on some more complex debts, so this is a whole other challenge. Taking it another step further is where even the most organised business owners can come unstuck: handling debts owed to your business by other companies. This area is a minefield and can often feel completely out of your own control. Even if you prepare for the possibility of having debts not repaid on time, it ultimately depends on the other party, even though the consequences might be felt by your own business. To an extent, commercial debt recovery agents can offer a highly valuable service to businesses in exactly this position.

It’s not just banks and loan companies that end up spending much of their time and effort chasing up money that’s owed to them by debtors. Unpaid debts can affect many types of businesses, especially where the customer has had the products or services on credit. Establishing some trust with clients before offering this is crucial, but in many cases there are simply unforeseen circumstances involved. Financial trouble with one company can trigger a chain reaction as a series of debts cannot be paid on time. This can cause no end of problems for businesses who find themselves unable to keep cash flow running properly due to the failings of a customer they trusted to pay on time. Read More


Government Funding for New Businesses in the UK

Starting a new business can be challenging. Entrepreneurs face various challenges while starting or planning to initialize new business. Among the major challenges faced by the entrepreneurs is the inadequacy of funding. Most people are willing to start businesses, they even come up with the business idea, but fail at the implementation point due to lack of financing. Who can help you finance a new business? Is a question many entrepreneurs spend time trying to solve. How well they can answer the question determines the success of their business, if they succeed in setting up one.


The UK government have various forms of assistances for businesses. Grants, to begin with, are offered for specific activities. Such activities include investment and innovation. The amount given for investment may be determined by the location of the business. It may also be defined by the chances the business is likely to create for employment. Grants are aimed at encouraging business setups at specific locations. Innovation grants, the so-called research and development schemes, are aimed at promoting investigations and new ideas generation.

Another form of business assistance availed by the UK government is in the energy and environment schemes. The grant is given to the organizations that use environmentally friendly tools and energy-saving equipment. Read More


Tips On How To Finance A New Small Business Venture

Starting a new small business is an excellent move, especially if you have this very great idea for a business venture, and you are tired of the boring and taxing routine that comes with a 9 to 5 office job. But establishing your company can be a struggle as well, especially if you have limited sources of funds or none at all. The money will always be a constant factor, and the lack of it will certainly hamper your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. But like the adage says, when there’s a will, there’s a way. If you are having problems on financing a new small business project, there are lots of ways to work around it.
The small business sector is responsible for keeping the economy afloat. That fact points out that the small business industry is a steady market and a stable source of livelihood. That means that even after the recent economic slide a country has experienced, a significant number of small to medium size businesses are popping up because there are getting the start up funds.

The best way for financing a new small business start-up is to save up for the initial capital. That means you do not need to give up on your job yet. One huge advantage of staying in your current job and saving up is that you get to cover yourself and your loved ones with insurance policies, a feature not immediately present if you are still a young business owner. Saving up also equates to you living frugally and drop other unnecessary and unessential expenses from your list of financial activities. Read More


Business Financing for the Small Business Owner

Access to capital to small businesses is the lifeblood of any successful business.  Our country has seen first hand what happens when small business owners and entrepreneurs do not have this access to capital readily available.  Small business owners cannot hire employees, start awarded projects, create new markets, or keep their businesses moving forward.


Now that were coming out of what many called a recession, there are going to be new boundaries as far as what consists of a successful small business.  The last ten years the banking sector forced the small business community to become lazy in their bookkeeping and operations.  Business loans and lines of credit were being handed out without even showing a single piece of paper to the bank.  Today however, the rules are different.  Banks and lending institutions are going to be looking full circle at your business to make sure that you are in fact a low risk small business borrower.Banks and lending institutions are going to be looking at your entire business before approving you for a business loan or line of credit

Looking full circle in your business means that you need to be prepared and organized.  One of the most important aspects of being approved for a business loan or line of credit today is having good business credit scores with all three business credit reporting agencies.  The three main credit reporting agencies are Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax.  Lexus Nexus is another business credit reporting agency that is coming to the service pretty quickly.  Each credit reporting agency reports data a bit differently, or aggregates their data from different sources.  One agency might have more information on your bank account standings where a different agency might have more information on trade lines.  This is why it is important to grow and monitor your business credit with all three agencies. Read More