Bad credit can cause serious problems for you when you need to borrow money. Whether you just need some cash for a short-term problem or are trying to buy a new car, your low credit scores can cause lenders to turn you down time and time again. However, regardless of your credit history, you need to be discerning about who you choose to do business with too. Dealing with a better lender will help you keep your finances under control.

When you’ve never taken bad credit loans before, you might be a little nervous about the process. Here are some of the things to look out for when choosing a lender, and examples of good practice that you should find reassuring if you come across them.

Initial Discussions

The lender will want to know about your employment history and will collect some personal information about you. The loans are typically deposited directly into your bank account and the payment will be automatically withdrawn from the same account on the agreed-upon date. Make sure all these areas are agreed in writing properly, so there are no issues later. Transparency is a sign of a trustworthy lender, and they will be looking for the same from you.

Clear Costs

Before agreeing to take out any loan you should know the interest rate, when the payment is due and what the total cost of borrowing the money will prove to be. Reputable companies offering bad credit loans will clearly advertise their fees. They will not try to slip in extra charges but will be completely honest about all the associated fees. Look for bad credit loan lenders who have marked prices so you know exactly what the cost of borrowing the funds will prove to be.


The government requires that businesses be licensed properly, especially within the financial sector. These laws extend to payday lenders. Any company you are considering should have their license clearly displayed on the website and in their office. If you find plenty of information about them online and there are no missing records, you should be OK to proceed.

Security Encryption Seal

Many bad credit loan lenders now have application forms on their websites. These forms are convenient and easy to use, but you should check for a security encryption seal before using them. Bad credit payday loans will require the submission of personal information like your National Insurance number. You want to ensure that this information is properly secured and protected.


The best way to find quality lenders when you have bad credit is to talk to friends and look at reviews online. Your friends will be honest with you about the various fees that you might be charged and may be able to direct you to a quality lender. Online reviews provide additional information so you can compare fees, loan sizes and other relevant information. If many people report bad experiences it’s usually a red flag. Good feedback is equally reassuring, and should help you discern which company is right for your credit needs.

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