Many people have ended up in career paths that they never thought they would. Such people usually opt to feature other activities that they are passionate about on the side, while at the same time making extra money. Living in a period of harsh economic times that result to frugal living, finding alternative means of making money is of great benefit. Regular employment is ideal for catering for the basic needs; anything else above this requires some extra effort.

The internet has become a very important tool in today’s world. It has created a wide range of jobs, as well as employment opportunities. There are a number of business ventures that one can undertake using the internet. Some sites specialise with sharing expertise or carrying out online research and pay for every bit of the information. The value of the payment varies but the average range is between one and ten pounds. A number of interesting sites also enable individuals to make money as jurors. Such sites display interesting court cases and provide questionnaires, which individuals are supposed to fill in order to give their feedback. The individuals are then paid for their time and opinion.

The musically talented also get to benefit from websites that allow users to create digital mix files. The websites distribute the music files across the internet to factious social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. The users of these websites earn half of the profit earned from the sales, and a few sites of this kind feature added benefits like points towards merchandise. Numerous websites also feature article and academic writing job opportunities that would most definitely earn one an extra pound or two. Most of the jobs featured online are highly flexible as one can work from anywhere and at any given time. However, the major challenge here is to ensure that the job opportunity is legitimate as the internet is packed with swindlers.

Offline jobs feature a wider scope of opportunities. However, one has to create an adequate amount of time in order to make a good amount of the extra cash in most of the jobs or activities. With unique talent, grammar, spelling and communication skills that are on point one can venture into freelance writing. Unlike most offline jobs, freelance writing is highly flexible. Although it takes time to establish a firm base, this idea can draw large amounts of profits.

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